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  • _Yuasa  Free Maintenance Wet YTZ14S Battery | 7070956 | Greenland MX_
    €138.39 €109.01

  • _Yuasa Battery Free Maintenance YTX14-BS | BY-YTX14-BS | Greenland MX_
    €107.07 €68.59

About the brand Yuasa

Yuasa manufactures and markets batteries for different types of vehicles, applying their experience to motorcycling by sponsoring the HRC team. A wide range of batteries offers the possibility to select a model that best suits the budget of the different fan communities as well as maintenance-free batteries standing out for their quality. A high-performance battery is essential for the proper functioning of your off-road bike. That's why at GreenlandMX we offer the best selection at a competitive price.

68.59 €
109.02 €
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