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  • _Kriega Overlander OS-32 Bag | KOS32 | Greenland MX_
    €288,22 €221,40
  • _Givi Pair of Extensible Side Bags 30+30 L | EA127 | Greenland MX_
    €106,61 €87,60
  • _SW-Motech Aero ABS Side Case Set | BC.HTA.00.675.12000B | Greenland MX_
    €309,92 €247,93
  • _SW-Motech TRAX M/L Expansion Bag | BC.ALK.00.732.10700B | Greenland MX_
    €82,64 €66,12
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Side cases and side bags for your bike

If what you love riding, getting lost on tracks and mountain roads during several days, it is obvious that adventure is part of your DNA. In this case we need to carry luggage with us, being cases, bags and supports essential products for this type of tours, but also for our daily trips. At GreenlandMX we offer you a wide variety of luggage for every taste and need, such as metallic, plastic or soft cases. Just choose your favorite one and nothing else will stop you!