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  • _Nissin Front Brake Pads  Honda, GasGas, Yamaha 98-06, Suzuki, Kawa | FP-F001 | Greenland MX_

  • _Nissin Rear Brake Pads Honda CR/CRF 02-.. Original | FP-R003 | Greenland MX_

  • _Nissin Rear Brake Pads Gas Gas 09-13, YZ 125/250 03-08, YZF 250/450 03-13, RM 125/250 04-07 | FP-R002 | Greenland MX_

About the brand Nissin

NISSIN KOGYO CO, a Japanese company that began its activity in 1953 for the purpose of manufacturing brake components for vehicles and started to cast and mechanise brake pistons. The NISSIN Off-Road product range consists of different braking and clutch components and is internationally known for its brake pads due to being a supplier of the Japanese brands. Quality does not depend on the price. At GreenlandMX we offer brake pads with an exceptional price-performance ratio for your off-road bike, suitable for the different disciplines such as motocross or enduro.

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