VHM | Ref: AA33055

VHM Honda CR 125 R 00-02 Engine Head Kit

_VHM Honda CR 125 R 00-02 Engine Head Kit | AA33055 | Greenland MX_


VHM | Ref: AA33055

VHM Honda CR 125 R 00-02 Engine Head Kit

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VHM Engine Head Kit

VHM Dutch brand leader in the manufacture of special elements to improve the performance of the engine, highlighting the world-renowned cylinder heads...

Years of hard work on the test benches and on the tracks, to obtain the best performance for your motorcycle.

  • VHM engine heads improve combustion and increase power while riding thanks to their interchangeable combustion chambers.
  • The chambers can be adjusted individually, depending on the needs of the rider, easy to change by loosening the engine head.
  • The outer cap head features a water conduit with an optimized design for increased water flow.
  • The engine temperature is kept low thanks to the special aluminum alloy with which they are made, making it easier to evacuate heat.
  • Possibility of selecting the nock according to the desired compression.
  • Includes engine head, insert and O-Ring.
  • A touch of elegance, distinction and quality with the golden colour of the VHM engine heads.
Brand VHM
Modality Cross/Enduro
Primary material Aluminium


With VHM engine heads we have the possibility to change the behavior of the engine by choosing a different engine head volume.

This way we can benefit from the advantages of the different inserts or combustion chambers by quickly replacing that element.

With VHM we enjoy combustion chambers with standard volume and others with greater or lesser volume to vary the compression.

If what we want is to maintain the original compression of our motorbike, the best option is to mount the standard insert. This way, we will benefit from the best performance provided by the engine head and its better ability to evacuate heat.

If we want to look for more or less compression, it is as simple as choosing the appropriate internal head for this purpose.

The possibility of a raw internal head is also offered for machining according to the desired preparation.

To calculate the volume of the combustion chamber, the entire engine head capacity must be measured including the spark plug hole.

It is very important to check the height of the piston, making sure it is correct (according to the height of the piston indicated on the insert box). Example, the piston height is -0.5 mm, which means that the top of the piston is 0.5 mm below the cylinder platform.


Here we see that the engine head ref. AA33156 needs to mount the internal head with ref. AE322257 , and shows all the options available based on combustion chamber volume.

AA33156   AE322257

                  AE322257-B  11.20 cc  Optional

                  AE322257-C   11.40 cc  Optional

                  AE322257-E   11.60 cc  VHM Standard

                  AE322257-F   11.80 cc  Optional

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@greenlandmx.com

We will be happy to assist you!

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