PEDROS | Ref: PED6215031

Pedro's White Grease (85 gr)

_Pedro's White Grease (85 gr) | PED6215031 | Greenland MX_

PEDROS | Ref: PED6215031

Pedro's White Grease (85 gr)

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Pedro´s White Grease (85 gr)

  • Used everywhere from the threads of hardware to the interface between mating components and in demanding applications like wheel and bottom bracket bearings, grease has a tough job when it comes to bicycles.
  • Choosing the correct grease is essential to protect key parts from corrosion and wear, provide high efficiency, and ensure it lasts between servicing in the demanding conditions bicycles encounter.
  • Pedro's White Grease is up to the challenge.
  • White Grease is a premium, lithium-complex grease with PTFE additives, NLGI 2 rated designed for pressure points, rust protection and water repellent.
  • Operating temperatures between -40ºC to 180ºC, use for slide and roll bearings, hubs, pedals, headset.
Brand Pedros
Season Carryover
Compatibility Universal

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