Cardo Freecom 2+ DUO Intercom

  • _Cardo Freecom 2+ DUO Intercom | CSRFRC2P101 | Greenland MX_
  • _Cardo Freecom 2+ DUO Intercom | CSRFRC2P101 | Greenland MX_
  • _Cardo Freecom 2+ DUO Intercom | CSRFRC2P101 | Greenland MX_
  • _Cardo Freecom 2+ DUO Intercom | CSRFRC2P101 | Greenland MX_


Cardo Freecom 2+ DUO Intercom

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Technical details

Cardo FreeCom 2+ Intercom DUO

The FreeCom 2+ is the evolution of the well-known FreeCom 2, from which it inherits all its features plus the Freecom 4 ones and includes interesting new features such as bike to bike intercom at up to 500 m distance.

Designed for those motorists traveling alone or with a passenger and that want to communicate with other bikes. Can be used as rider-passenger and bike to bike intercom up to 500 m, hands-free, music player through the mobile phone and of GPS receiver. It also has FM radio with RDS.

General Features:

    Central Unit weight: 36 g.
    Dimensions: 74 mm x 46 mm x 16 mm
    Tested to not to harm aerodynamics of the latest generation helmets.
    Talk Time: 13h.
    Standby Time: 7 days.
    Communication Technology: Bluetooth.
    Dual-Core: dual-core multitasking technology.
    Fast Connect: high speed auto-reconnect with paired devices.

Audio Kit:

    Dual interchangeable HD Slim Speakers 40 mm x 9 mm
    Speaker Weight: 36 grams
    The depth of the speaker is adjustable by using the accessory included.
    2 microphones: interchangeable hybrid / corded microphone to fit full-face, modular, and jet helmets.
    Filters with different densities for microphones.
    Protected audio connections: connections of the microphone and speakers are protected from dust and water on the inside of the helmet.


    Ergonomic Pushbuttons: designed for easy handling even with winter gloves on.
    Remote control function: possibility to remotely control all the functions of the device via your Smartphone.

Bluetooth Intercom mode:

    2-way Connectivity: full-duplex Rider-Passenger.
    2-way Connectivity: Bike to Bike up to 500 m range in full-duplex multi-conference mode.
    Cardo Gateway: connectivity with intercoms from other manufacturers.  
    Parallel Audio: Listen to the radio, music via your smartphone, or receive GPS instructions during a 2-way conversation. You can listen to the instructions of your GPS device during a phone call. *Function is not compatible with IOS.
    Share call: offers the possibility of sharing a phone call with your passenger or another bike for a 2-way conversation.

Connectivity with mobile devices:

    Connectivity with 2 Bluetooth devices: 2 independent channels to be able to connect 2 mobile phones or 1 mobile phone and 1 GPS or Bluetooth MP3.
    Customizable selection of the main Bluetooth device.
    Dual HFP hands-free profile: management of 2 mobile phones. Alert of incoming calls from the 2nd device while maintaining a call with the main phone.
    A2DP Wireless Advanced Stereo Profile: wireless stereo audio for smartphones.
    AVRCP Wireless Advanced Control Profile: wireless control of smartphones.
    Operations with your mobile phone: make, receive, and reject calls by voice command or by pressing a button.  
    Operations with your GPS: reception of navigation instructions from the GPS via Bluetooth.


    Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) - listen to music through your smartphone or Bluetooth MP3 player.
    Music Sharing: rider and passenger can listen to the same stereo music (via A2DP).


    FM Radio: FM radio integrated in the device.  
    Auto Scan: auto search of broadcasting stations.  
    RDS: automatic search of the signal with the highest intensity of the zone.
    Multi-Channel: 6 configurable stations.  
    Auto Silent: the radio is muted automatically when a call is received.  
    Radio Sharing Bike-to-Bike: 2 riders can listen to the same radio station simultaneously.

Advanced Technology:

    VOX: voice control for receiving and rejecting incoming mobile or intercom calls without the need of using hands // Sensitivity customizable.
    AGC: automatic adjustment of the level of speaker volume according to speed and ambient noise // Customisable sensitivity.
    Emergency Number: number of phone call immediately customizable.
    PLC: compensation of audio packets lost in real-time in harsh environments.
    DSP: digital signal processing for advanced audio.
    VPM: volume per mode, fixation, and storage of different volume levels for each audio source.

Device Management:

    Cardo Connect app: allows you to remotely control the functions of the intercom, and then customize the settings from your SmartPhone. Phone management, music, radio, and intercom.
    Cardo Community: web platform to manage all the options of the device and update the software.

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